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Originally posted by Tyler_Durden
whoever develops the next game (if any) i hope they implement a 1st person mode, dammit. You may now rebuke.
Of course they should retain first person mode - and I'd like to see a return to 1st person saber combat, personally. It should at least be an option. I like the ability to switch between perspectives as I go along.

As for interactivity with the environment, I have to agree. Due to the presence of the lightsaber, a Jedi Knight game should really be at the cutting edge (pun intended) of destructable and deformable terrain and objects. This is really where an improved implementation of the GeoMod system that Volition used in Red Faction would be appropriate - in tandem with very good physics implementation.

Far Cry has some very good physics - at one point there is a cargo container hanging from some chains - and if you shoot each chain in turn to break it, the container realistically reacts as the supports disappear. I'd love to be able to do something like that with a lightsaber. Cut through supports to bring something crashing down on the heads of my enemies. I'd also like the gravity gun effect showcased in Half-Life 2 - rip an object off the wall and then Force Throw it at someone.

The technology is there, and it's proven. So it's about time it was implemented in a Jedi Knight game, where it truly belongs.

The other thing that I would definitely like to see return is swimmable water. There were some greatly designed levels that included underwater sections in Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith, and I really missed them in both JO and JA.

As far as level design itself goes, it would be cool to see a properly laid out town with houses that you can enter. If you look at the Tatooine Siege map, for example, you have the basic buildings dotted about - they just need people, furnishings, and some action for an SP level.

Regarding AI - it has to improve. We need NPCs and enemies that go about their virtual lives. Just go and play the Siberia mission of NOLF2, or spy on the grunts in Far Cry from afar, and they were constantly on the move, and doing something. Static spawning enemies should be a thing of the past, IMHO.

There is just so much more that could be done for a Jedi Knight game if the right tech is employed, and it would be a bit ridiculous not to implement it.

The only other thing I would want to see for the next game in the series is stealth that works. While it's great to go splicing and dicing the local population, a lone Jedi is not a tank, and should be able to sneak around if they want to. That means levels have to be designed with hidey holes, and things like Mind Trick have to be developed further to make them truly useful.
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