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The BridgeStreet MP map is complete and avaliable for download:

As well as Duel, Powerduel, FFA and Team FFA, I threw in CTF on the premise that CTF in a small area, with a bridge in the middle, could be a lot of fun and kind of unusual. Seemed pretty cool with bots, and reminded me I like CTF too, should play that more. Big thanks for LJ for helping me with a load of technical stuff, it was more of a pain to convert to MP than I had anticipated but I'm glad it got there in the end.

Originally posted by wedge2211
I'd suggest actually finishing the movies first...
Well I'm waiting on the voice actors for the next set of lines (which are for a series of short sketches, not Part 3), that tends to take between 3 and 8 weeks to come through. I can't start the scripting until I get those lines, so I thought I'd have a go at something where a friend of mine and myself could do all the voice acting while I wait on those lines - an interview seemed a good way to do this

I'll probabaly look at building the map for Part 3 and completing the story for that with Niall Henderson very soon.

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