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Originally posted by Tyler_Durden
Last i heard, there was supposedly development going into a third person game starring vader. Third person....... rrrrr
I saw this on ign I think it was a while go as well. Probably EP3 vader...

They need to track down the old Kyle actor and sexy Jan actress and put em back on the screen, the JK1 cutscenes were awesome. It'd also be nice to have some civilians wandering around again so you have someone to fight for instead of wandering around aimlessly with a lightsaber and cutting up endless hoards of baddies. Some stealth elements would be pretty nice, I remember a level in JK2 that had some when you were in an Imperial embassy of some sort and you had to sneak by all the stormies although mind trick made it really easy. I'd also like to see some interaction with the environment using force powers, picking up chunks of stone with the force and launching it at someone would be very cool

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