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For me the biggest thing is having choices, be it a cosmetic feature or ingame features, such as deus ex or kotor as in what you say reflects on how the game progess. Luca$art$ has a lot of money, i mean cmon if any company should put out an innovative game it should be luca$art$. In otherwords spending $4-6 mill on game development should be nothing in terms of how much revenue Luca$'s multiple companies make in a year. Even more so, they have the option of having more people to help with development of new games, even those outside the star wars universe. The original trilogy dvd preorders alone could more than fund a new JK game. They can save money by hiring outside contractors but why? It's not like they're gonna go bankrupt, there's too many fans that would not allow that to happen. I'm sure they will, though and that's ok. I just really want a kick ass experience with the next game if i'm gonna put down 50 bucks for it.
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