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Could you guys add something

This question wasn't answered in the help area, but if you guys have the decoder thing for Monkey Island 1 for the beggining part where it shows the faces and tells you to name the year, could you please make something for those who may have lost that ring so they can play there most favorite game again? This would be a real big help.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here's what I mean.

When you click the icon to begin Monkey Island 1, it says "Wait! Before we begin...let's take a short return to continue."

Then a random face appears and over it says "This pirate was blah blah blah in what year?"

Now, in order to get this, you most have a ring that you can spin so that the top and bottom face matches the one on the screen. This, in a little slot on the ring, it will show the year to put down.

What I was asking for was for the site to put down a list of all the face possibilities so that people who lose that ring can acually play the game again. I would greatly apritiate it if you did this.

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