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Originally posted by Tyler_Durden
Luca$art$ has a lot of money, i mean cmon if any company should put out an innovative game it should be luca$art$. In otherwords spending $4-6 mill on game development should be nothing in terms of how much revenue Luca$'s multiple companies make in a year. Even more so, they have the option of having more people to help with development of new games, even those outside the star wars universe. The original trilogy dvd preorders alone could more than fund a new JK game.
Well, I would assume that Lucasarts has to look after it's own pot of money. Whatever money it makes from game sales can go back into developing new titles (while leaving an appropriate profit margin) - but I doubt that cash is simply transferred around the Lucas empire. That's not good business practice. The idea of setting up any company is for it to stand on it's own two feet and pay it's own way (and produce a profit) - otherwise it becomes a drain on other financial resources.

So it doesn't matter how well the DVD collection sells - because Lucasarts probably cannot tap into that money.

I have no idea what Lucasarts is worth, but I would assume they're doing pretty well selling their games. After all, they have a good few titles in production every year across multiple platforms.

As for $4-6 million on game development, these days that's more like small change.
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