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I thought we were getting real Combat Droids too. I was thinking R2-D2 with a zapper. I agree with pretty much everything you said. I'm fairly disgusted in the game myself. It is a good idea, with no balance, and no direction. A Star Wars themed MMORPG and not a Star Wars MMORPG. With all the things that are wrong in this game did you really think they would get droids right?

I was on during one of these Droid attacks. lol I thought Battle Droids were goofy and relatively week. The ones in game are supper powerful and take 30 some people to take out. When I got the game I didn't think I would be getting attacked by big mean frogs and oversized spiders that's EQ crap.

When I get some time I will post some of my ideas for the game not that they will ever be used. Just to see what people think. They don't have a thread for Gen SWG discusion for some odd resion or amybe I just don't se it.

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