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Episode 26: The Galactic Civil War

With the rise of Azenite, the galaxy had split like an amoeba. Two groups were formed, one supporting the new Emperor, the people. And others supporting Darth Qollous, the Imperials. Azenite had proclaimed that Emperor Darth Qollous is dead and Emperor Azenite shall take the throne next. Darth Qollous was on a wild goose chase, seeking rumours about the whereabouts of Azenite. It led from planets as remote as Kashyyyk to the urban Coruscant. On the way, he met and conquered opposing planets as well. Azenite on the other hand was influencing more people to his cause. Soon the cold war fired up as the two groups battled each other. Skirmishes were fought and at times, entire battles were fought. The Galactic Civil War had begun.
Darth Qollous was on Naboo, searching a common marketplace for rumours. The shopkeepers were timid and didn't reveal a word. The public was no less. As he ventured, he found a lot of stormtrooper activity. The Imperial Army was with him, but what bit his brain was why were they in such a hustle and bustle. The citizens of Naboo are generally too calm and won't cause much of a trouble for the stormtroopers. Something was happening.
A stormtrooper flashed past Qollous. The Dark Lord caught him.
"Where are you going?"
"Uh... Lord Qollous, we..."
"Go on"
"We are uh... preparing.. to... um... wipe rebel activity"
"Sir, we..."
Blaster shots were fired. Qollous masterfully reflected them in a second. The shooters fled. They were mercenaries, about three of them. The crowd spread in chaos. More shots fired. Qollous blocked them as well. They were fired by stormtroopers. The crowd started running around. Many innocents died in the forefight. Jaden slashed and cut each stormtrooper in anger.
The Mercenaries tried to get away, but Qollous inflicted a painful, but less deadly lightning on them, taking the pleasure in torturing them. When satisfied, he choked them threw them away.
He saw another shady character. Suspicous, Qollous pulled him. It was dark Jedi. The other ignited a red lightsaber.
"What? Azenite has students?" exclaimed the Dark Lord as he engaged in a street duel with the Dark Jedi. The Dark Jedi was cautious, on the defensive. When Qollous started gaining the upper hand, he left the duel and dispersed in the chaos.
"He'd better not come again".
Meanwhile, in the Emperor's Palace on Coruscant, Exar Kun and Azenite were receiving a report from an Imperial Officer via holovision.
"Sir, The rat, Qollous is found on Naboo. Naboo is in chaos. We are getting the upper hand."
"Good." replied Azenite.
The holovision flickered and switched off. The holo-droid scampered away from the chambers.
"The force protect should stop Qollous from sensing us" said Azenite.
Exar Kun looked at Azenite.
"This is it. The war has begun."
"No, in fact the war has ended, young one".
Azenite looked at Kun.
"As long as Qollous is alive, the Imperials will support him".
"No. No. You will defeat Qollous, of this I am sure. We must lure him here, though."
Azenite meditated.
Exar began, "You must bring back the Sith! Qollous was an imbecile, to have continued with the empire."
"And Palpatine wasn't?"
"Palpatine? He was the greatest fool a galaxy has ever known".
"I assure you, I WILL rule the empire AND bring back the Sith".
"Good, my padawan. You must influence more young minds into this cause. At Yavin 4, that is. At my temple."
"The Dark Side is strong there. It will make a good training field."
"Yes, it will. First we have squash a certain Darth Qollous".

Episode 27 Preview:
"Well, here are we are. Ilum."

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