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JKA Tactical OR just another Point and click game?

I have been play JKA since it came out...I perfer to use a Singal saber strong style...Becuse it more then just aim and click, maby picking a few spical moves... After play for some time i got really good at my strong style....But recently there has been a "unbalance in the game" the normal style of sbaers has it bounis and weakness and is even with the other sabers in all but one way... when you find out you can use a simpal point and click style in the right way( not hard to find out once you do it) that makes you swing faster, swing more, swing harder, and even swing longer distance then any other syle(Including dubble sabers and staff)... Makeing it to my knowlage, unbeatable. I have spent a lot fo time trying to find weaknesses for this style(lots of late nights 1 on 1)...becuse all moves in JKA have weaknesses one way or another right? Times i won was becuse of more lucky then anything else...the diffrent moves i tryed to counter all the diffrent styles and sabers i used...nothing can counter has no recover time and swings at a unbeavable speeds...players that use it know what i mean... So my question is WHY!? why would lucalarts put such a simple point and click style in a game thats suspose to be a great fighting game? doesnt make any sence? sould i look else where for good melee fighting games? Anyone have any input on my rambles? lol
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