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To simply put it, JA is what you make it. If you can 'beat' people with random 'point and click', then that's great. However, you'll find duelists that have some strategy in the way they spar/play, and don't just overuse a particular stance. Saying: Red is weak against yellow, yellow is weak against staff; that's all crap. Depending on how creative you are, and how you bend the chains and combos with the saber, there is no: Rocks-Paper-Scissors formula to JA...

Not to sound arrogant, but this is coming from someone that can be extremely difficult to beat in a duel...Yellow might be the answer to the slow and vulnerable style of Red, but if the red user fully knows the weaknesses of the stance, i'm sure he could figure a way to overcome yellow.

Still, as Obi-Wan said, everything is "from a certain point of view..."

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