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Still having the problem. I've tried just about everything imaginable i can think of. As per lucas arts' website i have
1. Run with 16 bit desktop instead of 32 bit
2. Used Creative Labs' drivers and not the detonator drivers
3. Disabled 3D sound, to see if that fixed anything.

I've tried all manner of video card tweaking in the display settings, all of which make not much difference. I can get it to crash everytime by doing this: while flying, if i go to external view and unlock the camera so i can rotate around my ship, at some point during the rotation, the game dumps me to the desktop immediately, with no warning. My specs:

Celeron 400
128 MB Ram
Intel 440LX Motherboard
Creative Labs 3D Blaster TNT2 Ultra
Creative Labs Soundblaster Live MP3+
Sidewinder Gamepad
Win 98 SE
6GB HD (2GB free)

Im truly stumped. If you could send those URL's, i would appreciate it! Thank you for your help...

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