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Cool Guy Method of Offence/Defence

Has anybody noticed something odd going around servers lately? There has been a style of fightiing known as the fluerry or as some people say, spamming left to right attacks. I have incorparated this into my style of fighting and have nearly perfected it. I have realized my wins have probably gone up by over 20% and my fighting speed has greatly enhanced.

manny people think that they know this technique but I will give out the true steps needed to matster it:

a) As you move forward into your oppenent you hold the left key while holding attack (always hold down attack for this technique) and as your saber reaches the left side of your character, do not spin your saber, I repeat DO NOT HAVE YOUR SABER SPIN, but instead quickly hold the right key so that your saber will now swipe to the right. Continue this proccess using a LEFT to RIGHT motion. In about 5 minutes of practicing you will master the basics of this technique.

Note: For complete effectivness for this technique. adjust your sensetivity to 4/10 if not more.

b) As you hold left LOOK left, then as you hold right LOOK right...this must all be done all together or it will not work.

This technique will inflict over 50-70 dmg in a few quick swipes if done correctly. (And I do it correctly so I would kinda know : ) )

this move is mainly used for offence but can be used for defence as well because who will come near a raging freak lit up by saber all around him???

.....thought so
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