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The question that always comes to my mind when somebody complains about overuse of some technique, weapon or power is this...if they can successfully use it on you again and again, who is really the n00b in this situation?

As to admins who kick people who win too often, that's just pure egotism and sore-losership on their part. These folks have no business playing competative video games, period.

As to admin mods, Raven is not to blame for these, the blame lies sorely on the developers of the admin mods. They've seen the abuse their mods have caused over the past 2 years, yet they continue to include features that allow admins to abuse players and virtually cheat in games with impunity. That this tends to ruin all competative aspects of the game and turn it into a "kiss up to the admin or else" contest is sad, but doesn't have to be the rule.

Admins need to simply break their addiction to these mods and host normal servers. Are they afraid that rcon alone won't allow them full control of their servers?

Anyway, I can feel your frustration, but you'll never be able to convince a lot of these guys to EVER change, they will continue to do things that piss you off. The best possible thing you can do is to start your own server (get a pro one from a place like and MAKE YOUR OWN RULES.

Nobody can ever ruin my game because I run a no-rules server and it's MINE. No individual or group of whining players can take it away or whine me into using an admin mod. That's what's so cool. And there's obviously a demand for that kind of server because it's always full (when running correctly that is!).

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