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so with that comes the question of what really constitutes a "lame"

of course to the honor dOOds you have your o so atypical chat kill or saber down kill-which are quite fun i might add

but now in these servers they are stretching out the saber off and utilizing that itself to constitute a lame even tho they are meleeing you for using ofrce on you

i look at it this way you attack me first i dont give a sh1t what it is a punch,kick, force whatever your gonna get a saber in the ass and if that is "laming" then by all means have fun playing with yourself- which is probably what they are doing in reality while typing their sleep/hold commands

really all boils down to the pot calling the kettle black

example: I was playing DS ffa server earlier and this ass from ds was going around grip flipping everyone regardless of chat or saber status - then goes up to a platform. i mindtrick him and go up behind him it wears off im just standing there saber off. he red overheads at me i dodge and blu lunge him for a kill- i IMMEDIATELY get slapped to death then when i come back i get held and silenced for the remainder of the time i was there- that is the **** i am bitching about and i am far from a noob in this game but i do recognize one- this is pretty much every server out there that hosts JA+ mod now.
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