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This is the Jedi Outcast one Dash Rendar (The screenshots don't really do it justice. I recommend downloading it and checking out for yourself.)

Same thing with the Emperor model and the left hand saber tag being buggy in JA.

I don't know what your preference is on this topic, but all the JO models work in JA save that left hand problem.

Only a few models from JO have been updated to work completely in JA. It wouldn't be hard for the original authors to fix it, since it would only take like 10-20 minutes on average, depending on how good they are at weighting. unfortunately not many modelers have felt compelled to fix it.

When JA first came out and I noticed the problem, I was hoping that they would fix them, but it hasn't happened on a large scale.

So, if the left hand doesn't bother you that much, you can enjoy all the great JO models in JA. It just really depends.

Anyways, I hope that's what you wanted.
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