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Episode 27: The Crystals of Ilum

Sorry guys! Sometimes, I'm just not in the mood.
Verantos landed his craft outside the foundation of a tall, towering cliff. He got out and looked around, pulling his cape over his head. "Well, here we are. Ilum." he said. The wind howled. Verantos put on his jacket and stepped ahead, feeling the icy rock. He then looked around. Seeing that nobody is there, he cleared the snow below him with his feet.
The uncovered ground was brown and lively as if taken from a tropical planet. Verantos grabbed the soil and flung it at the rock ahead. Then, meditating, he unleashed a powerful push. The rock broke down, revealing a passage through.

Verantos had toiled about four storeys without any stairs when he finally fell, exhausted. He gasped desperately for air, which the place lacked. Words of defeat echoed in Verantos' head. To keep his morale up, he started chanting, "Must keep going. Must keep going. Must keep going..." His energy took him up just another storey where he lay in a near-fainted state. In the darkness, Verantos didn't realise that there was another wide passage that went sideways. He rolled down that passage and ended up banging hard agaisnt a rock wall. The crash woke him up. His head was aching badly. His eyes were not adjusting to the dark. The ears were punding and his nose suffocating. Luckily, the fall was so powerful, it brought the entire rock crumbling down revealing a new cave. A cave never seen before by a mortal. Verantos caught a glimse of the treasure inside and passed out.

Verantos woke up after about three hours in the same condition. All around the cave were crystals. Blue, Green and even Cyan crystals. Verantos wandered around the lightsaber treasure until his feet bumped on something. He kneeled down and found it as a chest, apparently filled with treasure. His eyes glimmering, Verantos lifted the unlocked lid and found a small box, a bigger box and a note.
He picked up the note first. It read-

The Jedi are hunting me down. They consider me a criminal and even suspect me of being a Sith spy. I hope to keep my treasure safe here, for no one but the one who finds it may acquire this treasure. If it is you who has found this and are a Jedi, use what is inside properly. If you aren't please keep it here and forget your visit. This is the one of it's kind and losing it as good as losing ten thousand systems from the galaxy.

Crutus Penari

Verantos read the letter completely and flung it behind his shoulder. "I have a right to own my found treasure" he mumbled. He opened the smaller box first. It was a plain wooden box, more slim. He opened it to find a saber hilt. The hilt was an ancient one, tapering down towards the end along with a special holding handle. It had a green button on it. Holding the saber away from him, he pressed the button. Nothing came out.
He opened the hilt with the force to find a crystal-holder, but no crystal. Disgusted, the threw the two parts of the hilt into the small box. Then he opened the larger box. A flash brighter than anything erupted from the box. Verantos covered his eyes and after a few seconds, he found a treasure of bright yellow crystals, all of them flickering like gold. He touched them, but the crystals burned his skin. He instantly brought his hand back and realised that these were no ordinary crystals.

He brought out his own saber and dissected it, throwing away the artificial crimson crystal. The crystal was so brittle, it broke and crumbled instantly. He used the force and placed three yellow crystals into his hilt and closed it properly. Giving a sigh of relief, he pressed the button. The hilt flickered a while and exploded. Verantos fell back. The saber hilt was still intact and glowed, rolling around, flickering constantly. Then the golden blade finally ignited and deignited. This continued for five times when it finally ignited properly.
The saber felt unusally light and easy to weild. Verantos put on an evil grin on his face and laughed like thunder, cutting away rocks with the mere touch of his saber.

Episode 28 Preview:
"The Emperor shall now be decided".

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