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I have a 8 axis 4 button stick FULLSTOP !
I the end, the only upgrade worthwhile is force feedback FULLSTOP !
Everything else is another annotnace as far as I concerned, distracting me from the battle. All I need is a fire button, and engine control - and I off !
Hat switchs - I SOOO detest them ! They get in the way !
Twist-handles - So what - it actually makes the stick weaker, and more likely to break, and you can start to just.... drift all of a sudden, becuase you forget its there, and you relax your arm...
Throttle controls - I play Right-hand = Joystick, Left-hand = Keyboard. The throttle would mean my left hand getting in the way of my right forearm, which I DONT need.
In the end - its your skill, NOT what your sticks like, cause some 80 Forcefeed back Sidewinder with all the trimmings aint gonna do you no good against me and my A-Wing !

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