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Episode 28: Battle for the Throne

Darth Qollous sabred the last of his unloyal royal guards. His eyes then met with the door to the throne room. Filled with vengeance, he entered the room and attacked meditating Azenite from the back. The X-Saber went through his body. It was an illusion. A force push from the back threw Qollous ahead as the illusion vanished. Azenite jumped at Qollous with his blue saber.Qollous deflected and sprang up, rolling. Wasting no time, he attacked the other saber.

The two engaged a strong saber lock. "The Emperor will now be decided" announced Qollous. "A fight to the death? Gladly." replied Azenite. In a fast Kata, Azenite attacked everywhere at once and pushed Qollous back, not letting him even four feet near him. He then applied Force Choke on the Sith Lord and smiled. Qollous stood helpless, trying to counter the powerful grip. He finally was released when he hurled a fireball at Azenite.
Azenite pushed that fireball back. Qollous caught it within two of his blades. He released another fireball and caught it himself within the other two blades. Azenite did not stay quiet. He shot a bolt of electricity at Qollous. Qollous rolled away from it. He rushed for Azenite and deflected his force powers with the deadly saber. Then, he using the fireball-equpped saber he gave a nasty blow to Azenite's right shoulder.

The saber on coming in contact with the skin, burned and that exploded the fireballs, creating a huge explosion. Both duelists fell away. Azenite was badly wounded and his right hand gone. Qollous had received injuries, but was black all over. Wasting no time, he attacked the helpless Azenite. Azenite pushed back with the force, but he was too wounded for that. He tried to his saber, but one hit of the X-Saber flung it out of his hands. He looked at Qollous. Qollous had 'No Mercy' written all over his face as he prepared for one final blow to defeat the fake Emperor.
Meanwhile, Verantos had left Ilum and landed at Knokall to get his revenge. He walked to the headquarters of his former clan. The Dark Jedi were out in the grass, practising. A ClanHead spotted Verantos and stopped him.
"Halt! Isn't that you, Verantos Masquod?"
"In the flesh."
"Then you have committed a great mistake coming here. That Hutt was crushed by a rock. You were lucky that he died later."
"And you are unlucky 'cause you're gonna die NOW!"
He ignited his yellow saber and attacked the ClanHead. The ClanHead dodged the attacked and ignited his own saber. Verantos attacked the saber. The yellow-bladed saber cut the other, red blade. The red blade was divided. A outer part fell off and evaporated. And the saber was destroyed. A few seconds later, the artificial crystal malnufunctioned and exploded.
"Now, who's the best?" jested Masquod and gave a final blow to the ClanHead. The others were not happy at this. They attacked Verantos all at once, only to be sabered in a single swing.

Verantos then jumped directly to the roof of the building and using his saber, made a hole in ythe roof. He jumped down and came face-to-face with the ClanLord. The ClanLord was about to start a lecture when Masquod's saber went deep through him. Hearing the sound of death, guards and hordes of Dark Jedi entered. Verantos grinned, rolling saber and turning to face his hundred adversaries.

Episode 29 Preview:
"Now I am the most powerful!"

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