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name: therival tanasi
species: Zabrak
profession: Tera Kasi Master/arch
appearence: Maroon Tatooes on face. 6'1''
backround:currently employed as a assasin for jabba the hut, working on corellia. Mother was slain by jedi's for slaying a jedi on irodia. Father left therival when he was 20 (keep in mind the avrg death age for zabrak is 114). Moved to tatooine and became one of jabba's slaves. After killing 8 of jabba's men, jabba freed therival and therival became a assasin for jabba.
weapons:vibroknuckles, small vibroblade, heavy blaster, and tusken rifle.
ships: Customized slave-1. enlarged and customized with heavier weaponry. speederbike. customized At-pt. stolen from a imperial ship.
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