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So Bib, whats the name fo this guy? asked therival
Raula Tagara, a female twi'lek residing in theed. Tried to take out one of Jabba's prized podracers replied bib.
*crackle* this is theed starport. by order of the empire you must land your ship imidietlly for search of illegal contraband.
sorry bib, have to go. empire after me *returns to theed starprot channel* This is slugkiller04. i cant land landing gear seems to be jammed, have to land somewhere else.
Slugkiller you will land in this starport one way or another.* 2 warning shots are fired at the sides of the modified slave1*

if you want to play it that way.... therival says. therival pushes the ion gernade launcher button. 3 large ion gernades fall into the starport, disabling the weapons.

*therival lands his ship in a valley to the east. and takes out his speeder*

Time to go see raula
*therival speeds into theed, avoiding the alerted storm trooopers*
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