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An interview with myself on the Tonight with Adam Johnson show is now avaliable for download. In the interview I talk about myself, things I do, me, and how I'm not in any way ego-centric. I also discuss Team Corellia, its storyline and future. There have been rumours of tensions between myself and the interviewer, but I think watching this goes to show just how well we got on in a heated discussion. I have fired my agent.

I also included the map file with the text file for the script, so that may come in handy for some people trying to learn the basics of scripting cutscenes.

Also, I have uploaded a new version of Team Corellia Part 2 (JA) that gets rid of the raining indoors bug:

(Hopefully you LF guys can take down the earlier version of Part 2? I kinda mentioned that in the upload comments bit. Its here if any of you happen to be passing...

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