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I set up wave 2 of the ST Art Asylum Original Series guys. Very cool figures.

Went to the toyshow and the only SW stuff I saw I needed was that furry guy (not Jquille) from the sailbarge and Dengar. Both were 15+ so I left them there.

But I did get some very nice things.

One, a custom 'Commander' Bond. It's Sean Connery in the Commander's uniform from You Only Live Twice. I got it from the guy who had those custom Indys. He also has a Connery in white tux from the opening of Goldfinger I might get. The cool thing is he has a cigarrette in his fingers!

A better find was a carded LJN Indt ToD. It was 130 and I asked if they could do better and they said 115! I took him without hesitating. His card is C8 or higher but the bubble is yellowed. It's hard to find those guys without a yellow bubble, let alone on the card.

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