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((OOC: Of course you can LukeKatarn, do whatever you must, just kill Rual.))

John smiled at Olaf, "I already told you, he's being assassinated." Then he looked over to Amy, "Now, simply go back to your regular work with Sarniana as if nothing happened, when you get a chance slip these files into the various political leader's desks." John slid some files to the center of the table and looked over to Olaf, "When these files are found the political leaders will begin accusing each other. That's when a couple of them bribed by the Heirarchy will attempt to pull others along with them to create a civil war." John smiled, "Which will inturn collapse the economy so that the Heirarchy can take what is left for their own profit."

John finished and stood up, "You have the files, all you need to do is plant them. Simple enough for now but we'll get into some jobs later that'll require your specific expertiese."

Amy stood up and gathered her share of the false documents and headed for the door. She stopped at the door to wait for Olaf.


Rual's mansion

The convoy of cars arrived and the door was opened for Rual who stepped out into the warm sun. Looking over the car's roof to Riss, who had been let out of the other side, Rual said, "Beautiful day isn't it?" Then his mood became more serious. "That shot at the car was quite something eh...I'm trusting you Riss to protect me, it seems my life is in immediate danger." After the shot on the highway the mood had changed quite a bit, and the guards definetly seemed more alert.

((OOC: by the way, I was kind of planning for you to try and attack them on the highway, that's why I mysteriously blew the bridge and blocked them. And even earlyer than that, I only said the windows were bulletproof, you could have shot him right through the roof. I was picturing the Kill Bill snipe. Oh well it doesn't really matter...))

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