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Angry Frustrating choppyness/autorun problem in Apartments

I have been experiencing a big problem while playing KOTOR.

I am still on the first planet. Every time I am in the apartments anywhere (upper city, lower city, etc, etc) the game runs fine. UNTIL I open a door to one of the rooms and go inside. Then the character runs all by himself, the framerate gets REALLY choppy, and it basically hops around the room due to the display lag. I have to save the game, quit completely out of the game, and then restart it and reload. Everything runs fine then, UNTIL I try to move in the room again. Once I get out of the rooms and back into the circular hallway of the Apartments, the game STILL does it. I need to save, quit, reload the game, and reload the savegame, and it runs perfect again. Until I enter another room.

I thought it was my video card (Geforce 2 32mb) so I upgraded to a Geforce FX5200 (256mb) which makes everything smooth and gorgeous (great upgrade), but the problem is still occuring whenever I enter one of the rooms. I have 1gb of SDRAM on my P4 1.9ghz, all the latest drivers and BIOS upgrades, etc. I'm a computer tech for a living, so I know how to troubleshoot. This threw me for a loop though.

Any help will be appreciated.
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