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Well I live in the UK, and I know the turnout is dropping here, I can't say why because I'm sure everyone has there reasons but I can say why I for one don't use my vote. Polititions can not be trusted, As i see it it dosn't mater who wins the general/local election or whatever because the winner just does what they want to do anyway. take Tony Blair for example since he got into power he has made more U-turns than a dodgy plumber (I think thats a quote from somewhere, not sure where), I dont see any other politition being eny different, lets face it if you want to run a country you are probably power crazy and corupt anyway. I feel that if enough people don't vote they may have to start listening to what people realy want and then doing it, not just changing their minds affter they get the votes. Oh and tuition fees were one of the u-turns the blair govenment has made (origonaly saying they would not be inceased).

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