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Crash After Finishing Game (LightSide)


My Problem:
After winning the last fight against Malak (Lightside) the crew escapes fromt the Starforge.

Rendered Cutscene.

Game Engine Cutscene with Admiral Dodonna and Grandgrandgrandgrandfather of Yoda .

Rendered Cutscene with the Ebon Hawk being escorted.

Crash to 'Report Problem' Window.

Skipping the last cutscene reveales that the loading Progess stands still nearly at the end of the bar, then crash as said above.

I'm running an Athlon 1Ghz, 256 RAM, GeForce2MX; installed 1.03 Patch.
The whole game ran through without any complications.

I don't know if this happens at the Darkside Ending as well, haven't played yet.

Any ideas anyone?

Hope so,


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