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Found the episode guide

After some digging, I found a listing of the synopsis of each episdoe of the animated series. I always though there was a episode guide on, but I couldn't find it before. I kept getting stuck at the "media has been removed" part.

That episode guide listed which episodes were released on which of the three videos which were offical released. Unfortunately, there were still quite a few episodes that were not offically released, and as far as I can tell the offical videos are out of print.

I would like to know who is in charge of the episode guide, so I can ask if it is possible to get permision to use those synopsis in the episode guide. It does seem like some of those synopsis may have been taken off of the boxes the videos came in, or from some other offical source.

Also, on TV Tome the airdates of the episodes are listed, and I noticed that they are missing from`s episode guide. So who ever runs the episode guide may want to use that info.
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