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why all the moves?

since i've returned i've seen the amount of moved posts has increased ten fold. Why are people trying to complicate our simple forum? Editing requests? fair enough. But if someone has a queery about a move or something its moved to the stratergy shack??? Lets see if i see a topic in the strat shack called back stab it could be about either ja OR jo. There are several topics which could be applicable to both games and even JK. eg a thread titled "force grip". One would have to browse each one to find out which game they are about... i think either the peeps in charge are very board or need to lay of the weed! lol

so why the hell don't we just leave JA stuff in the JA forum, the same with JO and JK, and simply leave it much simpler and only move the ocational editing request...

anyone else agree?
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