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((OOC: Woah slow down, after you shoot the first two guard's you've got Riss to worry about before any more guards come, pluss the guard holding the door open. And when did you plant bombs in the girage? You wouldn't have time to do that before Riss got a chance to attack. Acctually you wouldn't have time to do that before the guards got there either. You wouldn't likely have time to plant one bomb, theres like three guards in the lounge like five meters away, and all those other guards only just entered the building like max ten seconds ago. Which means it would take them alot less than ten seconds to race back to the Girage. And you might want to specify details like weathor or not your gun has a silencer so that you don't get all the guards running. Theres also no alarm. If there was, I would have stated it earlier. Which I didn't so you don't have to wory about an alarm goin off, just them warning or calling each other by radio. Okay so let's try that again ))

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