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Votes are precious, i'm not going to waste mine voting for the party i dislike the least. By not voting I can make more of a statement than by carrying on voting while not really caring.

I DO think there should be a "none of the above" option when voting to allow you to use your vote constructively.

The thing about old people is (a) most of the politicains are old, so they are a bit more in touch with them (b) old people have more money to donate (c) old people have houses, cars, pensions etc.. which is what a lot of politicans are used to campaigning on.

Unfortunately, i can't think of any sensible options for involving more young people in politics. I don't see lowering the voting age helping. Lowering the age you can stand for election is good in theory, but i can't see anyone putting up any 18 year old candidates. In the back of my head the idea for some form of youth parliament keeps popping up, but i can't figure out how it would work.

I think that MOST issues that concern young people are more local issues than national ones, so maybe that is the way to start. I know that locally a lot of kids have been surprisingly active and organised in campaigning for a skate park, but the council just ignores them and the whole system is set up to prevent them getting anywhere.

Maybe some form of local youth panels on local councils would be a way to go.
Introduce some technology to the proceedings (submissions and discussions by web and mobile) and then have the youth panel get (say) 1 vote on the full council. Something like that.
If that got young people involved at that age then they might well stay involved later. maybe.

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