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lol you can tell it's a star wars forum when they blame a LOTR franchise for ripping off a Star Wars RPG.
Lets go back to the dawn of time for a moment shall we, The first great RPG game was Dungeons and Dragons...millions and millions of people have played D&D in some form or another and has spawned so many different RPGs that I couldn't begin to count them...whether it is its own paper and pen RPG or a video game like Neverwinter Nights which uses its rules; D&D is the end all and be all of RPGs. D&D was, of course, inspired by the world of middle earth. So I'd say it's more suprising that they hadn't come out with a big RPG based on the movie when the FIRST movie came out. It just seemed like a "duh" for LOTR. So this move is no suprise nor does it rip off KOTOR...if anything from their description it seems more like a FFX style.

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