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Your not alone in thinking this - I first bought Xwing way back in 93, not strange in itself, but I was so impressed with the game reviews that I bought it before I bought my pc!
I love the games mix of near perfect mission structure and sheer playability combined with its complexity - any game that relies on fast reflex's and uses every key on your keyboard and STILL keeps you hooked is alright in my books.
Unfortunatly, after the xwing mission packs, Tie fighter, xwing vs tie fighter and xwing alliance, lucasarts seem to have given up on the series and in a fit of desperation, I picked up a copy of starfighter which I found to be the biggest load of codswallop and definitely not worthy of the series as it seems to be aimed at the console user.
Can anyone tell me if either Xwing, Tie fighter or xwing vs tie fighter, can be made to run on a windows 2000 powered pc?
I'v had no luck getting any of the above to run and would definitley love to give Tie Fighter a go as I deem it to be the best game in the series.

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