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Originally posted by Kain
I want a name change to Sephiroth
No I liked Kain
No, back to MydnightPsion
Actually put a space between Mydnight Psion
Naw, Kain works.
Actually, Sephiroth.
No, I like Griever
Hm, Lionheart'll work
OH!! Kain please
Nah, Sephiroth.
No no no Kain
Um, Mydnight Psion
YEA!! I want it to be Kain!

...look at that I turned into ň◊odus...

...sooo mean...
Hey dude, we used to be in a clan together on these forums, don't be ripping on me, and if you do, lick my balls :P

I want my name turned to Boba Rhett, then I want my title to have the same as yours Rhett, and I'm gonna steal your avatar too, it'll be cool! we can be twins!

"We all Have to Die Someday, I'm just lucky I got to say my goodbyes before my term was up."-Randy Darke (R.I.P)
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