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((OOC: No Riss and Rual didn't enter the house. It's okay LukeKatarn, don't worry about it, just try not to assume anything unless it's posted, and specify everything you want. So don't go into a house and then half way through the fight -Oh! I've got a hidden knife *stabs you*- I'm not saying you did, because you didn't. I'm just using that as an example. You just have to specify before you enter the house that you've got a hidden knife. Now don't take that into relative effect of this situation, just think of it as an example okay. So just rewind a bit, your in the girage, hidden, you may want to specify exaclty were so we can all just get a better visual picture.

If you go back to the blueprints you'll see that if you stand inside the girage with your back facing the girage main door (not the door to the house, the door the cars drive in through. And not that your standing infront of the door, this is just to get a better visual picture.) The door to the house will be on your right. The door opens into the girage, so the guard holding the door open is standing on a three set stair (a stair with three steps) He's facing Rual. The cars are in the middle of the girage, it's a big girage with room for six cars. Rual and Riss are walking towards the door into the house, two guards are behind them. So do what you must shoot who you must. But post your action's and not the results. Example: Shoots randomly with a machine gun towards Rual and the guards - (then I type) - Rual takes a bullet in the back of the head and dyes. The guard holding the door takes three in the chest and dies. The two guards in back don't get shot and in turn shoot at you. (again, that didn't acctually happen that's just an example okay. If you've anymore question's just ask. Don't be afraid to ask if you don't understand. Okay, what say we take another shot at it?))

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