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well im cheep i rented kotor from blockbuster and beat it lol
i had to rent it twice but i beat it in 12 days playing non-stop
awsome game i liked it so much im in this forum
the only thing that made me slow my pace was the tile puzzle,
(one of the last puzzles) since i was in a hurry i didnt get the datapad saying to do the h thing so i checked online and solved the puzzle , but thats the only help i got the rest i did on my own
anyways im with bastilas ex-man ( me being the current boyfriend all i wanted 4 cristmas was an x-box and thats all i got lol....oh yea and some socks i really didnt need lol
anyways i got bastila to play naked pretty much the whole game, eat ur heart out wife! lol i told my wife "if u looked like bastilla 4 one day ud get laid everyday"
then i slept in the couch 4 a week lol

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