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hi mate, unfortunatly theres not much you can do, ive had the same problem but i just grin and bare it. Once your out of taris its not such a problem, althoughthe problem does unfortunatly occur in other areas, these are just some to watch out for:
(you'll know when your going to reach them so its not really spoilers)
1.bridge of the leviathon, holding cells of the leviathon (happens during cutscene so that might take a while to get thru, skip as much as the dialogue as u can in this area)
2. Certain side room in bases (rare, but sometime)
3. appartment style buildings, i.e the tusken raiders base.

theres is not many occurences of this but it can be very annoying, eventually you will learn to cope with it./

some tips i can give though may help. This provides about 2 seconds (not alot but it can help) of smooth play. Either pause the game for a minite or so and you should be able to get through a door etc. or minimize to windows and then reopen, with same effect.

also, when moving try and do it by talking to people. i.e if theres someone near a door you want to go to, instead of trying to run, press talk, you will go directly to them, not half way down the corridor past where you want to be.

sorry mate, all i can do
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