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Does the DOTT/Sam&Max double-cd really bite this bad?

Excuse my concern, but I was quite chuffed to find this double release having fond memories of Sam&Max and never having played DOTT - that is, until I stuck it in my computer...
1) No autoplay - the files are on the disk, but in the wrong directory. Not a biggie, but warning bells sound softly in the distance...
2) No installation instructions of any kind. Whatsoever.
3) Not the slightest attempt to make compatible with any operating system released in the last 10 years - despite the disk being a comparitively recent compilation. E.g. no sound under XP.
4) No CD audio tracks, as there were on the original S&M CD. This one really burned - on top of putting up with shovel-ware, nil printed documentation, a dodgy directory structure etc., the game is not even the full release!
Please somebody, tell me I am missing something - is it just my disc? Are all the cool CD tracks now included in the in-game sound file (monster.sou)? Why am I going this funny color?
Thanks for any positive feedback...
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