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Originally posted by antares333
Can anyone tell me if either Xwing, Tie fighter or xwing vs tie fighter, can be made to run on a windows 2000 powered pc?
I'v had no luck getting any of the above to run and would definitley love to give Tie Fighter a go as I deem it to be the best game in the series.
As I've said elsewhere, Windows 2000 was never meant to be a gaming platform. You're probably better off upgrading to Windows XP and getting the X-Wing Collectors' Series or X-Wing Trilogy (as I don't know if X-Wing 95 or TIE Fighter 95 can be had separately) and XvT, as these will most certainly run on XP in "Compatibility Mode" (right-click on the game's executable in either My Computer or Windows Explorer, choose "Properties", then go to the "Compatibility" tab and set it for Win 95/98).

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