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Originally posted by StormHammer
Rockstar...there are certain forums intended for certain topics. As TK82-52 pointed out, if we just left everything in one forum, it would quickly get clogged, and people would complain that their topics were getting pushed down too quickly - we had a lot of this during release time.

Your point about differentiation between JO and JA is well noted, though. So in future any threads I move (depending on where they are moved to), I'll add a JO or JA to the title so that it's easier to see at a glance which game they are discussing.
Thanks that totally clarifies everything. I understand that well enough. I think that all editing requests belong on that boards and things like noobs asking about kata's goes in strat shack, but maybe if the topic is a stratergy. As long as its kept in reason this will be a very good thing. eg) as long as non-noobish threads about professional opinion/stratergy of force powers, sabers, etc stay here at JA home then i'm happy

Hey Kurgan, i think you should leave the thread links in the forum until they go down to the bottom of the 1st page (which wont take long) and it give people time to find the thread easily.

Anyway...this thread should have gone into the Feedback forum. So that's where it's heading...
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