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1) Hi - im new

2) Can we get a b-wing symbol in ?

3) I had difficulties like these on 2 other missions :

Mission with escape pod and the Dreadnought Mecury arrives. Mecury ALWAYS gets destroyed, and there is NOTHING i can do about. But it sholdnt matter, becuase the Mecury isnt listed as a priority objective ship !

Mission where you have to take out a stations shield, and then inspect al shuttles that escape. Well, shields go down, and nothing happens. Infact, you have to destroy the station for thre shuttles to launch, by which time they are taken out in the blast, so mission failure !
anyway - complaining aside - i have a trick of trade.....

Check your Roll button on your joystick. I may also act as a select button- mine does. Press and hold and it will act as roll, put press quickly, and it will select the ship/missile in cursor, meaning target switching is faster, and you dont need to get close or cycle through god knows how many craft to select it.

Plus - never be afraid of dummy firing missiles at craft - especially at practically point blank range, or when facing off againt missile bost at long range, as they rarely deviate from a straight course, and a good shot can hit them (i have - and im not that brill)

Hows THAT for a first post ?
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