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Angry Battle 6, Mission 5.....IMPOSSIBLE

I made it this far without cheating (easy mode) and this is the toughest mission yet. I get clear to the part where I dock with the station and the stolen shuttle takes off, but as soon as I call for re-enforcements and exit the hanger to protect the shuttle from the TIE Bombers I get my ass kicked. It`s almost like the game is cheating...the TIE fighters fire like 3 times faster than normal and almost NEVER miss you, no matter how much you try to dodge `em....I`m usually dead after about 5 seconds after leaving the station. I`ve tried almost everything...deverting all power to engines and running like hell (usually gives you an extra 2 seconds of mission time) or dogfighting (instant death). I never had this problem on any other mission even in the YT1300, I usually only lose because a critical craft gets smoked. I actually thought I was damn good at this game untill this mission. If anyone else has had this much problems with this mission and somehow managed to beat it without cheating let me know...thanks for the time it took to read this.
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