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OBSESSED FAN???! sadly correct.

I love you cracka azz crackas. And yea, i've been a bit busy but I'll try to post more.

I've basically gone nuts on ebay and bought a **** load of comics that either feature steve's work or has an AD for sam and max. something like that. I'll scan em and explain em when i have time.

I think i have 3 hellboys christmas specials as we speak.

I have 1 gumby one.

All my comics are on a shelf right now, and i totally don't feel like going through them. But I have a damn lot right now.

oh yea, "Dynatron city" or something. a lucasarts/marvel comic book. I have it. Steve made it.

hmm. I have both the pins now. cost me and arm and a leg on ebay.

Theres are the more recent things i think.......oh yea, some weird Role playing book. Theres some steve art in it.

yea, when I have more time, i'll organize my stuff and list it. Let's just say I'm catching up to Jake...only a few things left.

RIght now, i'd kill for some original Steve Purcell art. he should sell us some, He'd make a killing off of that. Just sell old sketches and sign them, I'd buy em. IF YOU READ THAT STEVE, IT'S A GOOD IDEA.

alright, i'm done.


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