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Barring upgrading to WinXP, keep in mind the following points when trying to play XW95, TIE95, and XvT on Win2K:

**Make sure you have the latest Win2K service pack (#4), all of your drivers updated, and that you have the latest DirectX before trying to run XW95, TIE95, and XvT.

**Try disabling your 3D accelerator (Direct3D) when running these games.

**If you have at least Service Pack 2, there is a Windows 95 Compatibility Mode available. Find the game's executable in either My Computer or Windows Explorer, right-click it, choose "Properties", click the "Compatibility" tab, and choose "Windows 95". If you don't see the "Compatibility" tab, you may need to enable it manually. See this page for details on how to do this.

Let me know how this works.

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