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Exclamation Saber Techniques (SUBMIT YOUR OWN!)

If any of you know/use a fighting/defending that you have created or think is just very useful/strong then post em' up. I just want to see the different styles currculating lately around Jedi Academy.

for every style follow this format:

technique: Sweep/Fluerry

used for: Offense and Defense

how to do it: it is a left to right swipe motion that is made by HOLDING and LOOKING left while you hold down attack and when the saber reaches the left side quickly HOLD and LOOK right. this must all be done without any spins, just side to side sweeping motions

damage: one of the most damaging moves in the game (if not the greatest)...the faster your saber moves left to right the more damage is done. A big trick is increasing your sensitivity for the mouse. this increases saber speed which increases the amount of damage you can inflict in a few moments of "sweeping".

send in your own techniques....
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