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Originally posted by K_Kinnison:
Have your wingman hyper in first to the convoy, he is invuerable and can draw the fire of 1 of the A/S. THe other one you can take out (tho you wont be healthy afterwards) by having your shilds at 200% and lasers charged at full.

Just go head to head with the A/S with both lasers and Ions blazing, once he is tries to evade, hopfully you will be closer then .5km dead fire 2 proton torps at him, then finish him off (disabling helps)

next target the convoys that look like big chains. Destroy the engines and then the rest should be easy (one re-load is about all you have time for in the last mission)
Head to head with him? Should I double forward shields first?

Originally posted by garyah99:
It's pretty hard to take on an assalut shuttle in a Y-Wing! Use stand off tactics. Fire at the convoy with dual launch torpedos, 4 to a conatainer and high tail it back to the Defiance for a reload! Don't waste time though, or the convoy will escape. You don't need to destroy the shuttles in this mission, you just have to destroy 25% of the convoy.
Ok. But do I have time to reload enough for 4 torps to a container? And what about their defensive fire? And what is the range anyway? .6 or 6 KM?

I'm new at this. Bear with me if my questions are odd...
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