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I was thinking about the future of this map. Hmm I want to redo
the main field area now that i know a better terrain making technique. Should I make the new area hilly kind of round or
more canyon like? Orr.. maybe i could do like a canyon look far
from the echo base a make it flatten as it gets closer to echo
base. So many ways i can redo it. I need help. What do you
guys think would be best for this. If i give it a canyon look the
frame rate would pop up since I know more about this stuff now
and how to keep the fps high in canyons. Not that it wouldnt be
good with a hilly look. Hmm hilly, canyon, hilly, canyon, hilly...
both?! I could even make it kinda of ditchy with like gaps and stuff. What would be best?? Im not sure any
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