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Patriot Act gone Wild

No.. not a new late night commercial for amateur video of naked neo-conservatives.

A university of Texas college student was the recent target of an FBI probe because of his freedom of information request (actually a similar type of request made to the university itself).

Apparently the FBI became interested in the student's interest in the underground tunnel system of UT. They wanted to know why he wanted to know.

When the student asked campus officials, they replied that the system was secret due to 9/11. This seemed to fuel his curiosity so he filed an Open Records Request with UT this past December.

The FBI asked him questions about activist involvment, specifically naming UT Watch, a campus watchdog group as one of the "activist" organizations they were interested in.

Is this an example of the effectiveness of the Patriot Act and a positive outcome of the Law Enforcement response to the possibility of terrorism?

Or is this a gross misuse of power and an example of a chilling example of a government agency trouncing a citizen's civil rights? Or do we no longer have the right to be curious or question aspects of society any longer (i.e. secret tunnel systems).

Or is it something in between?

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