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Don't get frustrated, there is always a way to beat the mission.

I'm guessing that your problem are the Black Sun fighters. These babes may be slow but they are very sturdy.DO NOT go head-to-head with them !

One way to beat the mission is to divert lasers to engine and do a quick ispection of the containers at high speed , while setting your turrets to defensive. Leave the Razors alone for this part.Once you have inspected all, recharge your lasers and put your turrets to auto targeting. When the razors and the GPLT are out, the Suppa fighters will arrive. Remember not to go head-to-head with them and keep tracking your ships.
The memory presets are very helpful. Check the type of your crafts. Some of them have lasers defense turrets while others don't. Make the unarmed one your first priority.

Did I mention that you cannot skip a family mission....?

Oh, and this will be moved to player strategy section.

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