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Post Rookie Blues... I'm stuck bad on a mission. Help?

I am sorry to say, I have never used a site like this before and don't know all the customs and vocab. Please read on...

I have a mission, which I can describe, but don't know how to refer to it properly.
It is XWingAlliance, flying the Otana, where you battle a slew of Viraxo fighters at a Viraxo facility, and defend ships stealing weapons (I think). The next step in the mission is to hyper out to a stronghold (a small station or asteroid) and deliver Aeron. No matter what I do, when I arrive, Aeron never travels over on her own, I can't "pick up" the station, and when the Black Sun fighters engage, they waste me from FULL POWER to nothing in seconds! I docked with the station and took the turret, and the Black Sun razor ships stay just below my horizon of fire, but destroy me in grand fashion. I have given up playing the game over this for 3 months, and someone tipped me to try the web for help.
If someone knows what I am screwing up in this mission, please tell me how to get through it so I can finish the game.
If you can help, send me e-mail at

Thank you!

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