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Is this the mission where u are rescuing the uncle? Or where you are hunting pirates that took over your home?

I never experienced lasers hitting me trough something. I usually divert all energy to both shields and lasers and then go up in the turret while docked. This way shields are on max recharge and energy from lasers can be used to reinforce shields.

You have to use your superior targeting skills =) to target fighters a long way from the Otana to disperse them. This way only one or two attacks you at the time. The longer range of your turret cannon means that u can hit them before they hit u. I allways thought that it could be cool to be able to use mouse in turret mode, but that is just my oppinon.

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After i read your message once more i realized that this is a mission where u pick up warheads for the rebels from a viraxo facility. You are not flying Otana but the smaller ship the YT-1300... Haven't played XWA in a long time so i dont remember the names. Sabra dammit =) I do not remember that u have to dock with the station. U have to fly and identify the containers and then see trough the docking procedure..
Your cargos fly pretty much close to eachother and have few laser cannons so fight near them as they will shoot at enemies...Fire all your warheads linked and link turret to forward fire... shouldn't be difficult to destroy razors, if having problems just run towards jump point.

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